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Make it Real

Make it Real

Focusing on six key areas, NextGenerationEU investment projects are designed to:

  • Boost the green transition through the promotion of renewable energies, sustainable mobility and more
  • Accelerate digital transformation through greater digitisation of public services and the wider economy
  • Reinforce social infrastructure and services, while reducing territorial disparities
  • Enhancing access to advanced education and training in skills relevant to the future economy
  • Support inclusive growth, research and development, and innovation for all
  • Ensure modern, efficient and accessible healthcare services.

Discover how countries across the EU are working hard to Make it Real with ambitious investment projects in your region. 

Make It Green

The EU will be a leader in climate action, but everyone can do their part: by taking public transport or biking, by eating more vegetables and less meat, by buying second hand, recycling and reusing.

This is NextGenerationEU. Let’s Make it Green.

Make it Digital

The EU is funding online training courses so that everyone, young or old, can improve their digital skills. We’re helping small and medium-sized businesses go online. And we’re making e-education more accessible.

Interested? Join a training session, find an apprenticeship in digital technologies, and discover how to stay safe online.

With NextGenerationEU, we’re ready to make Europe digital, are you with us?

Make it Healthy

Together, we can make Europe healthier. However, it’s not just about big actions. A good diet and regular exercise can go a long way towards improving our physical and mental wellbeing.

With NextGenerationEU, we’re ready to make Europe healthy, are you with us?

Make it Strong

But the EU is also helping many sectors bounce back. We’re boosting support for tourism, culture and the arts across the Union, making them more digital and sustainable.

See how EU support can help you continue your education or find your dream job. Check out our Erasmus+ opportunities and our EU Youth Guarantee. Find out what support is available for your business to become more green and digital.

With NextGenerationEU, we’re ready to make Europe strong, are you with us?

Make it Equal

Equality also means economic and social opportunities for all. With NextGenerationEU, we are boosting employment opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as for those living in rural, remote or disadvantaged areas. We are helping more people get decent, adequate housing. And we are investing in inclusive education for children, whatever their background, situation or special needs.

Everyone can do their part – by promoting equal opportunities and calling out discrimination and hate speech, in real life and online.

With NextGenerationEU, we’re ready to make Europe for everyone, are you with us?